Asset Management in the Warehouse

Keep Tabs on Your Assets

Assets are everywhere inside a warehouse or distribution center. These can be tools, vehicles and equipment that need to be maintained from time to time. Equally, it is important that businesses know where these assets are so that they can use them for their intended business.

How it is working?


Assets are tagged with RFID labels and tags. Be sure to checkout the TagMatiks On Metal Labels for any assets that have metallic composition. Great examples includes things like forklifts, dollies, carts, and ladders. Each RFID tag is unique and provides serialization for every asset.


Take advantage of RFID handhelds or fixed read zones to collect the location of assets throughout your facility. As most warehouses and distribution centers tend to be large in nature, it is advantageous to either setup strategic read points where assets move throughout their use to be able to keep tabs on where they are.


Drill down on desired assets. Pull up reports for assets that checked out to users but haven’t been returned. Review the historical trial of where an asset has been. Outline maintenance cycles to predict future asset repairs. RFID provides the ability to automate data collection for many of these business operations.

Valuable Workflows

Asset Tracking

With intelligent data collected from RFID handhelds and strategic read zones, understand the historical and current location of your assets. Use RFID enabled workflows such as asset check-in, check-out or transfer to keep tabs on where your assets are.


Use RFID tagged assets along with RFID handhelds to quickly and accurately audit your assets. If you desire, use a guided count to see what assets you are expecting, missing or matched. If assets are not where they are supposed to be, see exceptions for misplaced assets and take action!

Your Branding

your business your brand, have the app and admin panel to have your brand name. fully white labeled.

Offline App

Use all the features of the app without internet, when internet is back the app will sync in the background.

Speed & Efficiency

Search your complete list of properties with 2 secs.

Access Control

Allow users to only see certain properties, lock out users when from the app when you need too.


Add inquiries to the app, follow up & set appointments with reminders


Filter properties based on a wide variety of filters


share properties on whatsapp, social media or automatically generated beautiful PPT presentations with images within a few secs

Auto Match

When newer properties available for inquiries app automatically notifies users


Auto list properties in website withholding private information, also apply amazon like filters to let customers drill down to the right property


Send newsletters from to the customers, property owners from the admin panel


SSL/HTTPS security on website and app, end to end encryption


From inquiry to presentation sent to prospective customers within minutes


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